Mika Laulainen

theatre maker

January 1, 2016


Upcoming Projects

Sticks & Stones

a forest puppet show on the Sunshine Coast

Feb 13, 2016 | BY DONATION (reserve in advance!)

Conceived & Directed by Kendra Fanconi

Creation & Puppetry by Katherine Binns, Robert Leveroos, & Mika Laulainen

Produced by The Only Animal

Sticks & Stones is a part of a year of art in, around, and in support of the expanded Mt Elphinstone Provincial Park. The Only Animal makes art with a deep relationship to place. A trail walk will reveal the secret strange creatures of the undergrowth, some tender and green, some ancient and craggy. Puppets made from stick, leaf and moss will show you the forest anew.

More details about the project HERE


May 2016 | rEvolver Festival 2016 | DATES & TIMES TBD

Conceived by Randi Edmundson | Directed by Mika Laulainen

Creation by Randi Edmundson, Stephanie Elgersma, Aliya Griffin, Mika Laulainen, Jared Raschke

Music Composition by Julie Casselman

Produced by star star theatre in association with Upintheair’s rEvolver Fest

Kolejka (Polish for queue) follows the clever Babushka as she tricks her way to the front of Soviet breadlines, mugs strangers, and cat burgles, all accompanied by her feisty terrier sidekick. She’s desperately looking for something – or someone – and heads out to fill that void. Will she meet her match? Whimsical and surprising, Kolejka combines puppetry and physical theatre to explore a spark of love and adventure that begins in a line.

Somebody Loves You, Mr Hatch

a puppet show for the wee ones in your life

May 2016 | at the Gateway Theatre & The Kay Meek Centre

Adapted & Directed by Chris Macgregor

Puppetry by Jeny Cassidy, Mika Laulainen, & Sarah May Redmond

Produced by Axis Theatre

Mr. Hatch is completely alone, or so he thinks. He lacks the confidence and ability to make and keep friends, or so he convinces himself. When Mr. Hatch starts to find friends he thinks he’s being fooled, when in fact, the qualities his new friends like about him were there all along, he only needed some tools to be able to share them.

Wild Society

…coming to a Canadian Fringe Festival near you!

SUMMER 2016 | Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, & Vancouver Fringe Festivals!

Written by Mika Laulainen

Performed by Mika Laulainen & Melissa Oei

Produced by star star theatre

Rabbit hosts the world’s worst tea party. Raccoon forgets to wear clothes and is stuck in nothing but her giant furs. Two heavily intoxicated penguins schmooze and deny climate change. A two-hander lady comedy about saving the environment and cute animals. It’s gonna be a romp.