Mika Laulainen theatre creator

Mika Laulainen

“Clearly having a blast, and it’s infectious…” -Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight 2017

“A cheerful, cryptic indictment of humanity…” -Jesse Gazic, Toronto Reviewer, 2016

“A testament to the success of the Mika Laulainen’s direction.” -Matthew Willis, PLANK Magazine 2015

“Mika Laulainen has written a clever mix of slapstick comedy and dark statements on environmental profit-mongering all wrapped up in cute fluffy animal costumes.” -Melody Owen, PLANK Magazine 2016

“Director Mika Laulainen’s spare, stylish production offers overlapping snapshots of Stephens’ 8 disparate Londoners…” -Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight 2015

“By the end you will be drowning in laughter…” -Melody Owen, PLANK Magazine 2016

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