Mika Laulainen theatre creator

Mika Laulainen


by Andy Garland | Directed by Mika Laulainen

April-August 2015 | Dusty Flower Shop | Gabriola Theatre Festival

A Dystopian Romance

Featuring Theo Budd, Randi Edmundson, Adele Noronha, and Zac Scott

Designs by Chris Adams, Randi Edmundson, Jared Raschke, and Calum Smith

What if everything – and everyone – was owned by a corporation?

Written by award-winning playwright Andy Garland, A-Grade is set in a world in the not-too-distant future, where everything – and everyone – is owned by a corporation or conglomerate. Every human being is an employee or a tradeable commodity, designated into ‘grades’ based on their overall worth to the company. Murray, a ‘B minus’, has applied to the company for a wife. When a fugitive A-Grade arrives in place of the average wife he had been assigned, Murray is forced to make a choice between the company that raised him and the love he never expected.



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