Mika Laulainen theatre creator

Mika Laulainen

Assistant Directing

Th’owxiya (2017)
Axis Theatre Company
Assisting Chris McGregor

“With shades of the Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, Th’owxiya is at first a little dark and malevolent. Director Chris McGregor and his cast of six keep things light though, ensuring even the smallest of audience members will not be frightened. While definitely helped by a gorgeous summer day in equally gorgeous surroundings, what makes Th’owxiya: The Hungry Feast Dish truly unforgettable is in its engaging story steeped in tradition.”




Frost/Nixon (2015)
Ensemble Theatre Company
Assisting Ian Farthing

“Director Ian Farthing’s production of Frost/Nixon is as stylin’ as David Frost’s coloured, white-collared dress shirts were in 1977. It’s a tribute to the subtlety of this play and production that Ensemble Theatre Company’s Frost/Nixon is compelling—even though we know how the story turns out.”





Small Parts (2014)
Solo Collective
Assisting Marisa Smith

“Director Marisa Smith treads Hudgins’ memory with finesse and comes up with a nice balance that includes some quick transitions between the playwright’s stronger memories, the murky waters of those memories he’d rather forget, and the stuff he simply makes up.”





The Farnsworth Invention (2013)
Ensemble Theatre Company
Assisting Matthew Bissett

“Overall, there’s a lovely sense of rhythm in the piece as its tensions expand, contract, and hit their comic marks. Under Bissett, the cast in this Ensemble Theatre Company production does impressive work.”





The Music Man (2012)
Theatre Under The Stars
Assisting Sarah Rodgers

“The Music Man is a delightful comedic romp. The ebulliently complex rhythms of Meredith Willson’s score are tricky, and under Sarah Rodgers’s superbly detailed direction (with help from musical director Christopher King and choreographer Dayna Tekatch), this production nails them right off the top.”




The Marowitz Hamlet (2012)
Phoenix Theatres
Assisting Charles Marowitz

“Charles Marowitz – an acclaimed stage director, theatre critic, columnist, author, and playwright – has famously cut up a number Shakespearean plays to create 10 new ones. He takes the plays apart at the seams, rearranging the lines and dealing them out to new characters in order to create what Marowitz calls, collages.”



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