Mika Laulainen theatre creator

Mika Laulainen


A show about love, loss, acceptance, and extraterrestrials.

Sixteen year old Sam Stewart values the environment – she doesn’t even eat fish. She’s gone under the radar and organized a rally led by David Suzuki… who hasn’t shown up! Sam now needs to convince his supporters to help her save the world from a devastating fate. But her concerns are much more imminent than global warming, threats of a pipeline, or the need to embrace veganism. With frantically little time, Sam will take any help for her campaign, even from a mysterious stranger who may be more than they appear to be. Sam’s story takes us on a journey from crazed activism to a place of real heart. A bittersweet slice of life with a dash of humour and a pinch of song.

Presented at the Family Theatre Festival in association with Theatre SKAM (May 2015, May 2014)

Produced & Commissioned by Theatre SKAM

60 minutes | 2f/1m

“The Runaway started as a 10-minute piece for Theatre Skam’s annual Bike Ride, an outdoor summer performance in which short shows are presented along the Galloping Goose Trail. The expanded piece — a combination of the comedic and dramatic — looks at how people deal with trauma, said Laulainen, a University of Victoria theatre graduate.” -Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist

“Suffice to say this cast of two makes the most of their 10 minutes and takes the audience on such a soulful journey that it moved a three-year-old in the audience to get up and give Laulainen a spontaneous hug. (Any actor who can make a kid that can barely talk feel their pain gets a big thumbs-up in my book.) With this charming piece, Laulainen just earned “actor to watch” status in my reviewer’s notebook.” -John Threllfall

“Mika Laulainen’s two-person play near the creek held the audience captive as the plot transformed from an environmental rally to an emotional coming-of-age tale.” -Capital City Style

Find info about Runaway’s workshop process with Theatre SKAM here. The production received two professional workshops under the amazing scrutiny of Matthew Payne, Kathleen Greenfield, and Max Johnson. The premiere was directed by Graham McDonald, with designs by Halley Fulford and Freyja Zazu. Dramaturgy by Shawn Macdonald.

This show was developed from a 10 minute piece I co-created with Rae Takei for Theatre SKAM’s Bike Ride Festival (now SKAMpede) in 2012. Devising for this play has been done with Randi Edmundson for Intrepid Theatre’s YOU Show in 2013.


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