Mika Laulainen theatre creator

Mika Laulainen

This Might Feel Like Home


Created and Curated by Simone Brodie and Mika Laulainen

Role: Producer, Writer, Creator, Curator, Actor

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (Nov 14-16, 2013)

Funded by the Mount Pleasant/Little Mountain Neighbourhood Small Grants Project.

“What makes a place a home?” Is it art on the walls, your coffee pot, the smell of your old books? Coming home to a specific person or your two rescue cats? For immigrants, hipsters, or young families alike, “This Might Feel Like Home” celebrates the community using real words from local residents. As diverse as we are, we all have something in common, something that truly makes Vancouver special… We all choose to make this place our home.

Verbatim theatre, or documentary theatre, uses the exact words of interviewed individuals to create a theatre piece that is not only about a certain group of people, but also by that same group. This play’s goal is to explore the ideas of home, community, and housing in Vancouver.

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