Mika Laulainen theatre creator

Mika Laulainen

Beaver Dreams

Beaver Dreams/La Fièvre du Castor

Summer 2017 | Nanaimo Fringe, Victoria Fringe, Vancouver Fringe Festivals

Created by Maggie Winston | Performed by Maggie Winston and Mika Laulainen

Produced by Lost & Found Puppet Co.

“Lost & Found Puppet Co.’s “shtick you can sink your teeth into” is fifty minutes of pure joy that will leave you longing for more beaver tales. Mika Laulainen and Maggie Winston make a statement with their oversized teeth and original use of fur, but it’s their incredible timing, high-energy, and ability to involve the audience that leaves a lasting impression. The duo is big and bold, but in a way that doesn’t overshadow all the details that make this show even more of a standout.” -Room Magazine

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